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FJ Fantasy Sports

The home of the only FREE STANDING draft board for Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Hockey, Fantasy Basketball, and Fantasy Golf.

Features of every FJ Fantasy Sports Draft Board:

  • Free standing, with or without the optional stand.
  • Can handle all sizes of drafts, both auction and serpentine.
  • Largest and most complete player label sets. Used at all national fantasy events.
  • Made of tough, durable corrugated cardboard.
  • Free pack of NFL schedules with every Draftboard or label order.
  • No tape, nails, or walls needed. No wall damage, cleanup or repairs.
  • No more wrestling with rolled up paper scrolls or annoying multi-folded sheets.
  • No burdensome electronics that could fail during your draft.
  • See the whole draft board, not just part of it.
  • Free customizing kit and draft forms.
  • Prompt shipping, plus tracking information is provided for every order.

Our fantasy draft boards are not meant to be re-usable, BUT... Even though our draft boards are not meant to be re-usable, plenty of our customers find ways to do exactly that. Learn more by clicking here.

Personalize Your Custom Owner Labels | Receive a FREE Draftboard Personalization Kit with each draftboard and label set order. Learn More