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Welcome to FJ Fantasy Sports, your number one resource for all of your fantasy sports drafting needs. In 2002, we developed the first FREE STANDING draft boards for the fantasy sports industry. Whether it's fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, or fantasy golf our free standing draft boards, complete with player labels, are the perfect choice for you.

No more will you have to find a wall to hang a paper draft board on! Our draft board is made of tough, durable corrugated board. Stand it on a tabletop or bar, or use the optional 20 inch-high stand to set it anywhere (all of our fantasy draft boards are free standing with or without the optional stand). We have draft boards for both serpentine and auction drafts, as well as all the other accessories to make your fantasy draft run smoothly.

If you need something custom made, give us a call and we'll try to accommodate your needs. And with your order, you'll get instructions on how to access our free forms to help organize your draft even more. Whatever your needs, FJ Fantasy Sports has the fantasy draft board, labels, and accessories to make your fantasy draft fun and easy.

Our fantasy draft boards are not meant to be re-usable.

Personalize Your Custom Owner Labels | Receive a FREE Draftboard Personalization Kit with each draftboard and label set order. Learn More

we now offer fantasy golf

Comparing FJ Fantasy Sports Draftboards to our competitors

For the past 2 years Cheetsheet Warroom has been publishing a buyer's guide for fantasy football draft boards on their blog. Here is some of what they have to say about FJ Fantasy Sports:

"FJ Fantasy sells the highest quality standard draft board in this review. If you still had any doubts about the quality of their boards, consider that they are the official draft board of the National Fantasy Football Championship and the Fantasy Football Players Championship."

"At $25 for their standard board they're right around the average price. The big difference is that you're getting a corrugated free-standing board for a paper board price."

"FJ Fantasy wins the bang-for-your buck award hands down in this review."