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Reusing an FJ Fantasy Football Draft Board

fantasy football draft boardEven though our draft boards are not meant to be re-usable, plenty of our customers find ways to do exactly that. The labels won't come off of the draft boards without tearing the board, but here are a few tricks that people have told us about how to re-use the board:

  1. Cut the labels, without peeling off the backing, and use push-pins or velcro to apply to the board
  2. Drape a clear plastic sheet over the draft board and apply the labels to the sheet, leaving the board intact
  3. Apply the labels to a piece of chipboard and push-pin the chipboarded label onto the draftboard.

A crafty person can probably come up with some other ways, in addition to these, to make the board re-usable. We sell lots of label sets separately for every sport, so we know it's being done.